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Nero series 550x323Nero Series

The Nero series includes three components: the pre-amplifier and two single channel power amplifiers. The power amplifier may be used in two variations,with the KT88 output tubes, or with the KT120. From the Nero components you can obtain an uncompromising sound reproduction system from an analogue source: a tuner or a top quality reel-to-reel tape recorder. A turntable for vinyl records can be connected through the Illumina phono preamp.To use digital sources (CD-player) a digital-analogue converter from the Illumina series can be employed. The casing of the Nero series has a configuration which is optimal for tube equipment — the electronic tubes are placed towards the upper wall of the casing. This solution is not only improves the thermal behavior of the tubes but also creates a certain external aesthetic which eases the emotional resonance of real Music. The rounded corners of the matt black casings add to and develop the aesthetic appreciation of the Nero units and complement their audio signature. Thanks to this solution the Nero units do not appear heavy even given the sturdy dimensions of the power amplifier. The specially-finished aluminum cover plates for the casings of the transformers and coils enliven the units external appearance, thanks to which even when switched off they adorn the interior of your music room.


nero120faceDoubleNero Amp 120

This power amplifier is directed towards consumers with diverse musical preferences, including works from the classical repertoire, jazz, and contemporary musical genres. The high power output of the Nero power amplifier removes the restriction on choice of acoustic which can be used in terms of its sensitivity. The anode supply voltage for the tubes is formed using the 5U4G rectification tube (or 5R4WGB). Moreover, the anode supply voltage is stabilized using the circuit in the 6L6 tube. Taken together this allowed minimizing the level of interference in the transmission channel. Germanium diodes are used in the tube filament supply circuit to reduce losses in the source and to lessen the interference spectrum. The input stage of amplification is realized in the 6Н6С tube (the 6SN7 is a possible substitute). The 6SL7 tube operates in the driver stage, and the stages are linked by a high quality transformer. There is a push-pull output stage, and the powerful KT120 pentodes are used here, which also enables achievement of hitherto unprecedented power output indicators. Controls are placed on the rear wall of the Power Amplifier, and they can establish minimal hum where necessary. The amplifier circuit is assembled with air wiring, which is optimized to attain the desired tonal characteristics. The amplifier has a single asymmetrical input and one pair of high quality output terminals. The recommended load impedance is 8 Ohm. The Nero power amplifier gives a rapid, dynamic sound with a dense, almost tangible bass, an animated mid-range, and a bright but unostentatious top. Such a sound is capable of satisfying the needs of users with established musical tastes.