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Services and Solutions

How Can I Help You?

Sorrentino Design Group provides many services and solutions.

I also can provide help with existing equipment, even if you do not need of anything new!

Like the old days, sit back and become the Maxell guy blown away by awesome quality.

Get Rid of the 12 remotes piled up on the coffee table and even Granny can work it! I can also automate all of your systems with your iPad, iPhone and Android device as a One Touch Remote as well. I can even turn your laptop or PC into an automated remote!

Optimize speaker Placement, improve cables, AC conditioning and superior surge elimination, turntable setup and other system upgrades.

Instant access toall of your music and videos in one room or all of your rooms, even outdoors or in the garage. Multi room music, with local room control of the hidden system via touch panel, iOS or Android device.

Home Theater in Your Family Room, Living Room or Bedroom that disappears when not in use.

The Bijou in a special room of your home including quality plush seating, or real theater seats like movie houses, full size real popcorn machines, hot dog makers, movie posters etc, and of course kick butt big screens and sound better than the local  five plex theater!

Will make your friends 60 to 90 inch TV look positively Dinky, and you do NOT necessarily need to create a totally darkened bat cave, super bright projectors and  ambient light rejecting screens are now available. The projector in this scene is located in the console directly Below the screen!


Upon arriving home one button in your car or on your smart phone opens the garage, lights up the house, safely lighting a path through your home. Kids leave the lights on? Shut them off from multiple convenient locations, even if you are miles away from home. Make your home look lived in when you are not home. Save Energy Too!

Block UV light to protect furniture, darken the room for better sleeping in a bedroom, theater darkening, and allows for savings on heating and cooling costs!

None of those cheese grater looking grills on your walls or ceiling. You have to hear them! Your decorator will absolutely love these too!

You want an outdoor movie theater by the pool? You can have it!

Quality, heavy duty, with traditional, transitional and contemporary style, designed for real equipment and cooling.

19″ rack cabinets also are available as well.

In room treatments that can look like art to get rid of that annoying echo.

Silence noises from the bathroom, bedroom, street noise and theater for privacy or just have more peace and quiet. For new construction and retrofit.

Custom sized and finished cabinet speakers.

Do you have Giant speakers and Amplifiers bigger than your coffee table taking up all of your space and cluttering up your decor or basement? We can get rid of them for you!

And Now we offer a new and Exciting service for you:

If you have purchased your speakers from me, I will allow you Full Credit towards upgrading your speakers if you trade up within one year and obtain new speakers from Sorrentino Design Group that are at least twice the price of your originals and obtain the new ones at MSRP retail. Your old speakers must be fully working and in good condition.

Ask for more details!

If you don’t see what you want in the list above contact me to see if I can do what you’re looking for.