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Thiel Audio

If you ever have considered buying Jim Thiel designed Thiel speakers, now is the time! Newer introductions from the new owners at the company have a different ideology and will not resemble the following models. Buy them now or you may be saying “I should have..”


Thiel speakers offer the speed and timing of electrostatic speakers with deeper and more “cut of the same” cloth bass response. They offer considerably larger sweet spot than “Head locked in a vice” electrostatics as well.  Heirloom furniture quality cabinets, each one looks even better than the previous one! If you own Thiel speakers you will enjoy decades of listening without the feeling some other speaker may have surpassed your investment. Just Awesome.

Here are some of their more popular models:


The Flagshipthiel37_lifest_0 . Thiel’s Consummate CS3.7 Decades of refinement.

The CS3.7 is designer Jim Thiel’s passion realized. This revolutionary design delivers an unprecedented purity of sound for the most realistic sound reproduction possible. Incorporating all newly developed drivers and cabinet, the CS3.7 is an engineering marvel that achieves a level of performance not available before at any price. Hear the CS3.7…and be Amazed.

Since its introduction as THIEL’s flagship loudspeaker, it has received wide critical acclaim from print and web audio journals worldwide. No other loudspeaker can convey so much of the joy and pleasure from music playback.

THIEL’s CS3.7 uses the world’s finest driver elements designed by THIEL and made to exacting standards. The enclosure is precisely shaped, high density birch plywood, but features a milled aluminum baffle. The top is die-cast aluminum. The first-order acoustic crossover system is precisely tuned to preserve utter tonal neutrality and fine detail. $13999.00 per pair in standard finish.


Thiel CS2.7

The Baby Brother to the CS3.7cs27_front_single_amberwood_grille

Price Category Defying Performance

THIEL’s new three-way floorstanding Coherent Source Loudspeaker represents a stunning new benchmark in acoustical performance for loudspeakers. Gorgeous new industrial design complements THIEL’s legendary time and phase coherence technologies  including revolutionary driver design that deliver the most detailed, natural, and musically lifelike reproduction of the original performance possible. Close your eyes, listen for yourself, and be there.
The CS2.7 incorporates new technologies developed for our flagship CS3.7 loudspeaker including a state-of-the-art coaxial/coincident driver. The midrange element itself has perfectly neutral response to 20kHz – an upper range specification seldom attained even by tweeters.
Deep, fast, and tight bass emanates from an all THIEL-designed and built 8-inch woofer supported by a passive radiator that provides the bass extension of a tuned port with none of the breathy “chuffing noises” associated with vented enclosure designs. The result is authoritative bass response boasting the detail and articulation of a sealed cabinet.
The newly designed CS2.7 enclosure wraps THIEL’s unique driver designs in a very attractive, ultra-rigid bent plywood laminated with your choice of hardwood veneer. THIEL’s non-resonant enclosure preserves critical detail during playback–more so than even prior generations of the THIEL CS2 series speakers which had already excelled in this regard. $7999.00 per pair in standard finish.



picture 058

picture 076Thiel’s  newest speaker, the CS1.7, is the latest in a long and proud line of two-way Coherent Source floorstanding loudspeakers beginning with the historic Model 04a. As with any THIEL, the design goals were to play music with the utmost fidelity possible – achieving excellence in tonal balance, dynamic range, spatial recreation, and clarity. That excellence in each regard can be achieved in such a small package is a testament to THIEL’s engineering process. No other floorstanding loudspeaker can recreate the real live event of the recording in such a small elegant package as the THIEL CS1.7.

Just Two Drivers?

Of course, it’s a two-way loudspeaker. But once you hear how even our smallest floorstanding loudspeakers can recreate even a  full size symphony hall in your room, you’ll ask yourself the same question. The new tweeter is a very highly optimized version of the unit found in the CS1.6. The midrange/woofer driver is a unique accomplishment. The shape was inspired by our groundbreaking CS3.7, but it’s not simply a scaled down version of a previously developed driver. The diaphragm geometry featured is the result of thousands of hours of research and development using custom calculations, finite element analysis, and laser interferometry. Each curve is precisely thought out to ensure minimum resonance and ultra wide bandwidth. Our new 6.5″ woofer operates smoothly to an extremely high frequency of 10kHz which is nearly unheard of for a bass driver. Such wide bandwidth gives us the flexibility to synthesize a true first order acoustic crossover network between the driver elements. This is the only way to have a true time and phase coherent loudspeaker. $3999.00 per pair in standard finish.



THIEL’s SCS4T – a new hallmark for small floorstanding loudspeakers.Picture 023

The hallmarks of THIEL’s legendary success — excellence in aesthetics, design, and world-class audio engineering — are once again featured prominently in this exciting new release.

THIEL’s much heralded Power Driver, which lies at the heart of the company’s architectural products and the SCS4 bookshelf speaker, along with the first order crossover technology, maintain THIEL’s longstanding tradition of time and phase coherent designs. This state-of-the-art technology is wrapped in meticulously crafted, ultra-rigid cabinetry and aluminum baffle to deliver remarkably high levels of detail, dynamics and hollographic imaging.

The SCS4T cabinets are finished in furniture grade, real hardwood veneer and our satin-lacquered Natural Cherry, Dark Cherry, or handsome Black Ash finishes beautifully complement any décor. Elegant, black brushed aluminum gunmetal finish spikes are standard with the SCS4T. The collaboration of world class engineering and an elegant design creates a listening experience that is intimate and immersive, yet startling and dynamic. Limited Availability. Ask for price and availability.


Picture 034Small yet extremely versatile. Unassuming visually, yet a sonic force. The SCS4 is a 2-way loudspeaker that performs equally well as an excellent full-range stereo pair, surround-sound, or center-channel speaker. It’s coaxially-mounted drivers and aluminum baffle contibute to the SCS4′s outstanding fidelity, making it as comfortable in demanding music systems as it is playing movie soundtracks or background music.

The SCS4 features THIEL’s top-quality Power Driver – A coaxial/coincident array which provides superb clarity, natural tone, and very broad coverage in your room. Use SCS4s as bookshelf speakers for a compact, high performance stereo, or as any channel in your top-quality home theater. They are a perfect match with THIEL’s Architectural Collection and SmartSub subwoofers. $2299 per pair



Picture 030


The newest, smartest subwoofer ever: THIEL’s Universal SmartSub (USS) uses the same SmartSub technology found in the larger SS2.2, but is more compact and easier to place in real-world rooms. An ultra-powerful 550 watt amplifier drives a THIEL designed 10″ long-throw woofer to reproduce very high quality, distortion free bass for music and movies. Patented room-boundary correction circuitry ensures tonally neutral performance regardless of room placement. When used with THIEL main loudspeakers, it integrates perfectly using a PXO5 passive crossover. Hear how accurate deep bass reproduction can elevate your system to a new level. $2999.00 each in standard finish.



 SS2.2 Subwooferss22_ebony_living-room-2_0

We are proud to introduce the next generation of SmartSubs, the legendary engineering that revolutionized bass reproduction.

No other subwoofer has ever reproduced the grace and power of music like THIEL SmartSubs. It is common to think of subwoofers as simple devices that shake seats and rumble windows. Only SmartSubs can deliver the nuance, finesse and detail without giving up impact and power. Once you hear grace and power together, only then can you truly envelop yourself in the realism and emotional connection to your music and movies. Take a listen and experience Amazing Grace and Power.

  • Each subwoofer can be easily adjusted to accurately eliminate room interaction problems for any placement
  • Unique electronic circuitry corrects for compression distortion due to heating of the drivers’ voice coils for more dynamic and effortless reproduction.
  • Very high power amplification and unusual short-coil, long-gap, copper-stabilized driver motor systems for ultra-low distortion and massive dynamics.
  • Beautiful cabinetry is available in a variety of real wood finishes.
  • Provides great realism for both music and movies.
  • Integrates perfectly with THIEL main speakers using optional PXO5 passive subwoofer crossover
  • $4999.00 each in standard finish



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