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Why You NEED Four Subwoofers!

“Hey Tim, You Must be Crazy! What do you mean you NEED Four subwoofers? I have TONS of bass, in fact my significant other is always complaining to Turn It Down!”

Well that is precisely the reason that you need four subwoofers. Let Me explain!

Every room by virtue of its dimensions has what is known as “standing waves” which are a build up of certain frequencies in some areas and minimization of some frequencies at other locations. In other words some bass sounds are much louder in some spots and much softer in others. This is the reason some people complain that the volume is too loud and to others the volume seems just right.

Imagine being down the shore watching the waves roll in. If just for a moment we could stop the movement of the waves. The crest of the wave would remain in one location as would the depression in front of and in back of the wave. If you were standing in the spot where the depression was you would get a refreshing experience of being in the ocean but the person who was in the crest probably would be drowning in the (bass) wave, not too pleasant!

So how do we even out the ocean so everyone can get that refreshing experience rather than drowning?

If we could, we would have multiple locations and directions that the waves would be coming from. What would happen is the the waves would bump into each other, creating constructive interference, evening out the waves! And that is precisely what multiple subwoofers does for us!

But wait there is more! Since each subwoofer would now only have to work half or quarter as hard as a single unit there will be Much less distortion! Way less! But you say, I don’t hear distortion in my subwoofer until it is extremely loud! Believe me subwoofers and speakers have lots of distortion, but since you are used to it you don’t necessarily notice it until the distortion is eliminated and then everything just sounds oh so much cleaner, detailed and focused!

More to come!

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BG  Had an article entitled “Better Bass through multiple subwoofers” google it. Or I have reproduced it in the BG link.

There are Tons more scientific articles out there! Just “Google It”